New Small Alpine A110 SportX Crossover on International Automobile Festival

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Rally-Inspired Crossover Alpine A110 SportX on International Automobile Festival

Alpine made their name rally racing with the A110, taking home a World Rally Championship in 1973. Relaunched in 2017, the new A110 has proven itself to be one of the best sports cars you can get, and with the A110 SportX, Alpine is getting back to its rally roots. Taking cues from the A110 Rally, the SportX is based on the A110 Pure, with lifted suspension and a clever ski rack.

alpine a110 sportx

The concept is 3.1 inches wider and has an extra 2.4 inches of ground clearance, with a two-tone white and black paint scheme. The front features a more aggressive fascia with Xs over the fog lights in classic rally style and black wheels to complete the theme. While Alpine claims no plans for production, the SportX is a great look at how flexible the A110 platform can be. Also we recommend you to check two of our lists: the best luxury SUVs and the best concept cras of largest automakers.

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