Concrete Tower Over Alps of Switzerland by Antony Gibbon

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Amazing Concrete Tower Over Alps of Switzerland by Antony Gibbon

A new addition to his formal and investigatory body of work, Antony Gibbon generates “Vessel”, a towering architectural object in austere concrete. Programmed as a research center, the speculative building is characterized by a pair of slender, bifurcated stone discs revealing a narrow channel of interstitial glazing.

modern concrete tower

Mexico-based architectural designer Antony Gibbon situates his latest project “Vessel” among the Alps of Switzerland. The formal project expresses a distinctive relationship with its context, clearly separate from the typical building typology of the region, while simultaneously offering a visual continuity with the jagged alpine peaks in its profile and materiality. Don’t forget to check 20 tallest building in the world.

futuristic concrete house

concrete house switzerland

concrete building in the alps

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